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Our Services

Lewis Equipment Services, LLC.

Engineering Services

Rail Related

  • Heavy equipment operation
  • Panel installation/transportation/storage
  • Switch installation
  • Align track
  • Disassemble track sections
    • Turn-outs, panels, crossing, retired track, OTM
  • Install/Remove crossings
    • concrete, asphalt, wood, rubber,

Dirt Excavation

  • Soil Compaction
    • Vibrating, impact, kneading, pressure
  • Excavation
    • Soil/rock, undercutting (mud spots) 
    • Buildpads (new construction, turn-out installations)
    • Drainage (design, build, repair, unplug)
    • French drains

Natural Disaster Response

  • Washouts/flooding
  • Snow removal
  • Cleaning debris
  • Portable lighting and power units

Other Alternative Services

  • Tie disposal and transportation
  • Concrete tie disposal and crushing
  • Asphalt services
  • Material handling/storage

Debris and Brush Management

  • Brush removal
    • clearing/mulch/disposal
  • Mowing
    • 15ft, 10ft, 6th mowers
  • Debris loading, transportation, and disposal
  • Debris removal

Derailment Response

  • Derailment site restoration

Material Management

  • Ballast transportation
    • Remote sites
    • Loading/unloading
    • Railcar loading (ballast, OTM, rip rap)

Quarry Services

  • Transportation and sales
  • Rip rap, AB3, washed or fines, sand
  • various sizes

Mechanical Services

Rental Equipment

Rail Car Load-Outs/Tie Downs

Derailment Response

Post Derailment Cleanup


  • Wheels
  • Traction Motors
  • Parts OEM
  • Hot-Shot Deliveries

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